We are very excited to announce that we are introducing our new preschool programme “Ballet with Bumbles!”

This is your little one’s first step towards becoming a little dancer!

Ballet with Bumbles is designed to introduce your child to our professional, safe, happy dance studio environment.

Our Bumbles Dancers will receive a certificate for each half term they attend in full and once they have collected 6 certificates they will receive their very own mini Bumble – our class mascot! Our programme focuses on the key areas required to develop the skills needed to graduate into our Starlite Grade class (Ballet, Tap, and Modern dance accredited by the British Association of Teachers of Dancing) and/or Street Dance classes, from age 3+.

The key skill areas we will be focussing on are:

  • Co-ordination – the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly.
  • Basic movements – these will include steps such as pointing and & flexing the feet, bounces, and classical hand & arm movements. The range of movements develop and advance into hopping, skipping, galloping and more complex movements as your little dancer progresses through the sessions.
  • Musicality – learning how to develop sensitivity and quality to the changes in music.
  • Rhythm & Timing – the ability to stay in time with music and move along to the beats.

Parents are asked to please stay throughout the session and assist their child when required due to their age. Children can wear any comfortable clothing for this session with bare feet (until their feet grow and they can wear their very own ballet shoes!)

Come and join the VOX Team & Bumbles and start your little one’s dance journey today! 

Classes run every Wednesday 09:30 to 10:15am (term time only) and are £5.00 per session.

Please complete our form below and you will be contacted a week prior to your first class!

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