HERE IT IS! VOX Annual Show of 2022TWENTY” presented by VOX Dance Studios will be performed live at The Regal Theatre.

Come along and see VOX Dance Studios’ annual performance staged at the Regal Theatre. Lose yourself in the world of performance with music mixes ranging from well-known classics and nostalgia through to huge sounds hitting the charts in the past year. The modern style of VOX will have you wanting to jump up and join their students on the stage itself! Music will be brought to life through song by their Musical Theatre students and dance performed in both classical and urban styles to keep you entertained the whole night through! VOX Dance Studios are excited to present this cutting-edge, eclectic show… See you there!

TICKETS ARE BE ON SALE NOW. Get them before they sell out!


Tickets are only available via The Regal Theatre Box Office by telephone, in person, or through their website. Book Today Click here or contact us via our website here